Animal Control / Code Enforcement

    Mountain Grove’s Animal Control Department exists to respond to, advocate for, provide education, intervention and often legal action in regards to complaints of dogs running at large, vicious animals and several other items covered in the Ordinance Codes of the City of Mountain Grove. 

    We strive to adopt out or send to a rescue all domesticated animals that are brought into our custody and care. Our animal facility is located at 614 E. State St in the Cedar Center.

    The Animal Control Officer (ACO) maintains a Facebook page with animals that have been picked up.  If you have lost your dog or are looking to adopt one please visit the Facebook page for the latest that are available. Animal Control offers a selection of healthy dogs for placement in good, permanent homes. Rabies vaccination is required with each animal adopted.

If you have lost a pet please call Animal Control ASAP at 417-259-9180


    In addition to Animal Control duties the ACO also handles complaints with regards to enforcement and compliance of nuisance violations within the Code Enforcement Division of the Ordinance Codes of the City of Mountain Grove.  These duties range from nuisance trash on properties,  inoperable vehicles on properties, as well as zoning violations to name a few.  

    The duty of each individual property owner is to keep their property free and clear of nuisance violations to help maintain a clean and well kept city for all to enjoy.  When such violations occur, the task of ensuring they are corrected is dealt with by the ACO in some situations.  From our local elected officials, city employees, to each and every citizen it is our goal that when we look around our wonderful city of Mountain Grove that the city will be an enjoyable place to live and visit.

Animal Registration 

Dog & Cat License:

$10.00 not Spayed or Neutered

$5.00 Spayed or Neutered

Required Yearly Between March 1st – March 31st