The City of Mountain Grove Water Department works every day to insure that all water customers have the best quality of water we can provide. Our water supply is totally from wells and meets all State and Federal Standards. Please see our latest Consumer Confidence Report below.

    We are currently doing a rate study and putting together a capital improvement plan, something the Water Department has never done! With our aging infrastructure we must insure the generations to come have the quality and quantity of water available for sustainability and growth of the community. This will be completed by mid 2018.

Our Water Supply

    The City of Mountain Grove’s water supply is fed by five separate wells all approximately  1500 feet deep each, located throughout town.

    The City has 1,500,000 gallons of above ground storage capacity.

    The system is designed for a population of 15,000 before further expansion is necessary, our current population is approximately 4,789

    The system is comprised of 65 miles of water line from 2″ – 12″

    Our water and sewer department crews are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. The WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY, AFTER HOUR Emergency number is 417-259-0186.

    You can also call the Police Department at 417-926-5181 after normal working hours and they will dispatch appropriate personnel to deal with any issues pertaining to the water or sewer system.

    The Water Department reads water meters starting on the 27th of each month. Bills will be received by the 1st of the following month with a due date of the 10th before a late fee of 10% is applied. 

    Shut off date is usually on the 15th of each month after 4:30PM for non-payment of the bill. If the bill is not paid by 4:30PMwater will be shut off

    Mountain Grove residents enjoy lower than normal water rates compared to others in our area. We do this by maintaining all equipment in the  best condition possible and keeping current with all regulatory rules.