City Council

Welcome to Mountain Grove,

Our community is proud to offer various educational, recreational and religious opportunities for all ages. The Mountain Grove School System offers educational opportunities from pre-school thru 12th grade. Ozark Mountain Technical Center offers classes for the surrounding schools. The construction of the Mountain Grove Arena has enabled us to host ball tournaments and concerts. The Mountain Grove Alumni park is a one of a kind recreational and historical venue for our citizens. The park is available for public use with the pavilion available to rent. The Missouri State University campus in Mountain Grove extends the educational opportunities for area students of all ages. The  Missouri State University Fruit Experiment Station is a unique historical and educational campus. 

Recreational opportunities include an 18 hole golf course with a brand new clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, skateboard park, YMCA, movie theater, skating rink, bowling alley, ball fields, rodeo arena and the Tri-County Fairgrounds.

The historical square has seen several new businesses opening to enhance the downtown area.

There are over 75 places of worship in Mountain Grove. 

We have a top notch police force and fire department.

As Mayor of Mountain Grove, I am proud to represent our town. Come visit and enjoy our great community!


Fred VanBibber, Mayor


The City of Mountain Grove is a Fourth class city that operates under a Mayor/Board of Alderman/Administrator form of government.  

The Board of Alderman is made up of eight Alderman and a Mayor.  The Mayor is elected to a four year term.  There are two alderman from four different wards and are elected to two year terms which alternates from one Alderman in the Ward on even years and the other Alderman in the odd years.

The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the city and oversees all day to day operations.  The City Clerk is the Chief Financial Officer of the City. This position oversees the finances along with the City Administrator.

Council Meetings are the  2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M.