Zoning Board


    The Zoning Board is made up of seven residents of the City of Mountain Grove. These residents serve on a voluntary basis and are appointed by the Mayor.

    The Zoning Board Members are assigned the following duties;

    To promote the health, safety, moral,comfort and general welfare of the city.
    To preserve and protect property values throughout the city.
    To restrict and regulate the height, number of stories, and size of buildings; the percentage of lot coverage; size of yards, courts and other open spaces along with the density of population.
    To divide the city into zones and districts.
    To regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings and land within each district or zone.
    To regulate and restrict the use of land located in areas designated as flood plains.

    Zoning Regulation will be located in the Code of Ordinances.

Zoning Board Members:

Danny Lathram – Chairman

Jeff Holman

Gene Carter

Fred VanBibber

Dale Crandell

Jamie Davis


    To apply for a a zoning change or special exception (Conditional Use), forms are available at the City Clerks office at 100 East State St., Mountain Grove, MO.

If you have any questions please call City Hall at 417-926-4162